WhiteSource is now Mend

whitesource to mend

WhiteSource is now Mend Summary WhiteSource is renamed as Mend and now it offers more than SCA. 2 min read WhiteSource is now Mend​! WhiteSource has become Mend with the addition of automated code remediation to the newly named Mend Application Security Platform. The Boston- and Tel Aviv, Israel-based company over the past year—via a […]

Netsparker renamed as Invicti

Invicti News

Netsparker renamed as Invicti 3 min read Netsparker renamed as Invicti We have some very exciting news to share with you today. Netsparker is being renamed Invicti! Soon netsparker.com will be changed over to invicti.com domain. We are consolidating Netsparker under the Invicti brand to show our evolution beyond just DAST into the most modern […]

Log4j vs DAST Tools – Who’s The First?

Log4j vs DAST Tools

Log4j vs DAST Tools – Who’s The First? Summary I’ve follow up application security tools build history to figure out which company took action against Log4j vulnerability first. 9 min read Free Trial Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) is the latest news in the cybersphere, and It looks like we haven’t seen it all yet.   First, it […]