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Why AppSec Santa?

How often have you been shopping for application security tools in your career?


I had around 570 meetings just last year and experienced how inefficient the process is.


1- Research tools to create a list (2-weeks)

2- Schedule the first calls with vendors (1-week)

3- Explain the same requirements and plans to each vendor (1-week)

4- Schedule calls for a demo (1-week)

5- Get a license and start running a PoC (3-weeks)


and after spending 8-weeks you feel these tools are not going to work for your team 🙁


There is a better way!

AppSec Santa Suphi

How it works?

AppSec Santa Roadmap

We believe a clear plan is the %70 of success!


We ask quality questions and map them together in the first meeting (30-min)


  1. Where are you within your application security program?
  2. Where would you like to be?
  3. And which tools are the right tools for this journey?


Then Santa brings all the licenses to run a POC the next day.


In the very same week, you've got the first scan results.

Our Values

We built AppSec Santa around our core principles of openness, honesty and transparency.


Your trust is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we’ll always be straight-up about how we review application security tools.


We don’t accept payment to provide positive reviews, and vendors will never have a say in how we choose the best application security tools.


Our aim is to put you, the reader, first and foremost at all times.

AppSec Santa Values

Our Business Model

AppSec Santa Business Model

So, how do we make money?


We receive fees from some of the application security tools we refer clients to. These fees are also known as reseller commissions.


When you contacted AppSec Santa and decided to purchase an application security tool, we may receive compensation for having referred a new customer from that vendor.


Not all the vendors we feature compensate us, but these ones do:











Why are we telling you all of this?


We aim to be the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy resource for application security tools on the web, and that trust begins right here on this page.