Contrast Assess - SAST + DAST + IAST Platform


Contrast Assess is an application security testing tool that combines Static (SAST), Dynamic (DAST), and Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) approaches to provide highly accurate and continuous information on security vulnerabilities in your applications.

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Contrast Assess

What is Contrast Assess?

Contrast Assess uses an agent that instruments applications with sensors. The sensors look at data flow in real-time and analyze the application from within to help figure out vulnerabilities in:


  • Libraries, frameworks, and custom code
  • Configuration information
  • Runtime control and data flow
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Back-end connections


Assess is appropriate for environments such as a test, QA, or staging servers. It is also applicable to developer workstations. When coupled with Contrast integrations, such as Visual Studio, developers can find and fix vulnerabilities without leaving their integrated development environment (IDE).

Contrast Assess Scan Result

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