DAST Benchmark Project


I help you to scan your applications and APIs with multiple DAST tools and create a benchmark report in the end, so you can choose the right tool with confidence.

DAST tool benchmark

What is DAST Benchmark Project?

Having the right tool is crucial for a mature application security program and the only way to find out; testing security tools on your applications.


After five years in DAST market, I can clearly say there is no best tool but the right tool. I’ve seen the very best dast tools didn’t work for some other teams.


I have decided to improve the process because it takes so much time for companies to test multiple tools and efficiently compare the metrics.


In DAST Benchmark Project, you can scan your applications and APIs with multiple DAST tools and get a detailed benchmark report in the end.

How it works?

I will contact you right after you register, and we will schedule a 25-min call this week.


In this call, we plan your timeline and get answers for:


  • Who will run it
  • What are the pain points with your current tool
  • What does it need to integrate with


So now we have a roadmap to execute!


1-First, you will access an application security management platform

2-Free trials of DAST tools will activate it.

3-We will configure the first scans together

4-Analyse the results


There will be some custom success criteria depending on your requirement.


However,  there are some metrics you always need to make a confident decision:


  • technical feature fit
  • pricing
  • scanning speed
  • scan coverage
  • scan accuracy (false positives)
Benchmark formula
Benchmark result


The benchmark results will be shared here with companies approval.


It is Free.

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