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Faraday is a platform that orchestrates security tools to optimise response time and efficiency for vulnerability management.

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What is Faraday Security?

Faraday is a platform that allows teams to manage their attack surface from a single place while automating and accelerating key steps of vulnerability management.

It orchestrates an otherwise overwhelming amount of security tools and procedures available into a single, simple process.

Teams may deploy and automate their custom set of scanners, monitor and prioritize their vulnerabilities, generate reports of their findings, and send tickets to Jira or ServiceNow, all with an intuitive interface that allows them to save time and the ability to automate repetitive tasks.

Faraday Dashboard

Track, filter and confirm all your findings in one place

Faraday Issues

Configure and automate scanners with just a few clicks

Faraday New Agent
Faraday Supported Tools

Create reports document of your finding.

Faraday Create Report

Learn more about Faraday platform here.

How to use Faraday CLI?

For command line lovers, there is also Faraday CLI, an open source solution which allows teams to use Faraday directly from their terminal.

Faraday CLI
Farada CLI Stats

With Faraday CLI, vulnerabilities may be documented and classified on the run while penetration testing, saving team’s time and resources.

It’s a good solution for creating scripts, therefore integrating automation in penetration testing with Faraday’s power organizing results.

How is Faraday pricing?

Faraday Platform offers three pricing solutions:

  • Personal: A free forever subscription where you can either use our First scan, import a scan with your vulnerabilities or even run your own agent. Faraday’s interface and dashboard are available, to get started with vulnerability management. Forget about spreadsheets and easily generate your own reports.
  • Professional: Full access to Faraday Features, for limited workspaces and collaborators. Including custom scanner selection, custom report generation, automation, ticketing integration & more.
  • Corporate: Full access to Faraday features, for unlimited workspaces & collaborators. Includes on-prem custom installation options.

Faraday Features

Full centralization


With Faraday, you may oversee your cybersecurity efforts, prioritize actions and manage your resources from a single platform.

Elegant integration of scanning tools


Make sense of today’s overwhelming number of tools. Faraday’s technology aligns +80 key plugins with your current needs, normalizing and deduplicating vulnerabilities.

Powerful Automation


Save time by automating pivotal steps of Vulnerability Management. Scan, create reports and schedule pipelines of custom actions, all following your own requirements.

Intuitive dashboard


Faraday’s intuitive dashboard guides teams through vulnerability management with ease. Scan, analyze, automate, tag and prioritize, each with just a few clicks.

Smart visibility


Get full visibility of your security posture in real time. Advanced filters, navigation and analytics help you strategize and focus your work.

Planning ahead


Manage your security team with Faraday planner. Keep up by communicating with your peers and receiving notifications.

Easier teamwork

Coordinate efforts by sending tickets to Jira, Gitlab and ServiceNow directly from Faraday.

Simple authentication

Including On Prem options, 2FA, LDAP and SAML integration as well.

Work as usual, but better

Get your work organized on the run when pentesting with Faraday CLI.

Proudly Open Source

We believe in the power of teams, most of our integrations and core technologies are open source, allowing any team to build custom implementations and integrations.

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