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JFrog Xray is an application security SCA tool that integrates security directly into your DevOps workflows, enabling you to deliver trusted software releases faster.

JFrog Xray fortifies your software supply chain and scans your entire pipeline from Git to your IDE, through your CI/CD Tools, and all the way through distribution to deployment.

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JFrog Xray is a universal software composition analysis (SCA) solution.Xray empowers DevOps teams to improve developer productivity and efficiency to increase velocity and deliver high-quality software.

Xray (DevSecOps) natively integrates with Artifactory providing automated and continuous scanning to identify and prevent known security vulnerabilities and licensing violations from making it to production using the industry's most comprehensive database, VulnDB.

Artifactory is the first universal binary repository manager that supports multiple build packages, artifacts, and metadata.

It allows teams to have the freedom of choice of packages (Bower, Chef, CocoaPods, Conan, Conda, CRAN, Debian, Docker, Golang, Gradle, Git LFS, Helm, Ivy, Maven, npm, NuGet, Opkg, P2, PHP Composer, Puppet, PyPI, RPM, RubyGems, SBT, Vagrant & VCS), CI/CD platforms, and DevOps tools. JFrog Xray Reduces your security and compliance risk through continuous scanning of all artifacts and dependencies for known security vulnerabilities and open source version compliance.

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