Netsparker renamed as Invicti

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Netsparker renamed as Invicti

We have some very exciting news to share with you today.

Netsparker is being renamed Invicti! Soon will be changed over to domain.

We are consolidating Netsparker under the Invicti brand to show our evolution beyond just DAST into the most modern application security platform in the industry.

This change is a reflection of our commitment to transforming how our partners and customers manage application security by delivering the most accurate, automated, and scalable tools in the industry.

We know you may have concerns or questions about this change. First and foremost: changing the Netsparker name to Invicti doesn’t change anything about how the product performs, how we support our customers, or how easy it is to do business with us today; it is simply a product name change.

We’re sure there are lots of other questions, but here are some of the main ones:

Why is this change happening?

We’re making this change as part of our evolution as a company to deliver the best possible experience with our product. We want this to reflect that we’ve extended beyond our roots not just in DAST, but bringing together IAST, SCA, and more in a single platform.

We are an AppSec platform that will continually evolve, and will always enable our partners and customers to scan and secure their entire attack surface, no matter what the future brings.

Will the Invicti platform be different from Netsparker?
No – nothing in our product is changing because we made this name change. You’ll find the same features and functionality, just with a different name or logo.

Will Invicti change licensing for customers?
No – there are no changes to the licensing model, just renaming them (i.e. Netsparker 360 vs. Invicti 360, etc.)

Will Invicti change DAST and IAST scans?
No – our product will perform the same way, just with a new name.

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