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Probely is easy to use, CI/CD focused DAST tool from Portugal. It has a free option for basic scans (Security headers, Cookie flags and TLS) and a Starter plan of €39 per month.

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Probely Enterprise

What is Probely?

Probely Enterprise is the top-tier edition of Probely, designed for enterprise companies that manage a large number of attack surfaces across web applications, APIs, and internal targets.

Probely Standard Dashboard

In addition to the features you might expect in an enterprise-level platform, such as roles and permissions or single sign-on, we also offer exclusive features. These include standalone API scanning, a separate agent to scan internal targets, a UI that is focused on managing the risks for a large number of targets, and a complete set of integrations with 3rd-party software.


We want you to automate security testing in the most efficient way. Integrating security testing into your development processes, from your CI/CD tool to your issue tracker, narrows the gap between development, security, and operations. It makes security an intrinsic part of your web application development life-cycle. And, it means you report on the security vulnerabilities that matter, free of false positives and with accurate instructions on how to fix them.

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