SAST Tools : 16 Top Free and Paid Tools (2024 update)


The updated list of the most popular 16 SAST tools on the market and learn how to integrate into DevSecOps pipeline.

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SAST Tools

What is SAST?

Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools are solutions that scan your application source code or binary and find vulnerabilities. 

It is known as White-box testing, and developers can use it within the IDE or integrate it into CI/CD pipelines.

First SAST tools came into the market in 2002* and are part of every modern application development environment. It can help developers in real-time with the potential security issues in the code they are writing.

How do SAST tools work?

Most of the SAST tools start the process by creating a common format (AST) irrespective of the language of your code. This way it will be easier/faster to query the source code and find security issues.

How SAST Tools work

After creating a model from your source code then SAST tools can start looking for known issues with the rule engine.


It will include language-specific rules, relevant rules and custom rules that users can add to cover business-logic related issues.

SAST tool rule engine

In semantic analysis, SAST tools will look for the usage of insecure code and even can detect indirect calls.

SAST tool semantic analysis

Structural analysis will check language-specific secure coding violations and detect improper variables/functions/methods access modifier, dead code, insecure multithreading, and memory leaks.

Joomla SQL Injection
CVE-2015-7858 / Joomla SQL Injection

Control flow analysis validates the order of operations by checking sequence patterns. It can identify the dangerous sequence of actions, resource leaks, race conditions and Improper variable/object initializing before use. 

SAST tool control flow

Data flow analysis is the most powerful technique, and It tracks the data flow from the taint source (attacker-controlled inputs) to the vulnerable sink. (exploitable code)

It can identify Injections, buffer overflows, and format-string attacks.

SAST tool data flow
an example of path manipulation vulnerability

Configuration analysis checks the application’s configuration files (XML, Web.config, properties files) and finds known security misconfigurations. 

SAST tool configuration analysis
an example of path manipulation vulnerability

How to integrate SAST tools into DevSecOps?

Integrating SAST tools into automated DevOps workflows makes it much faster to deliver secure software to your end-users. 

It will save a lot of time during vulnerability management/remediation, and your developers will get an immediate response from the SAST Tool with this proactive scanning approach.

Here are the most popular SAST tools:

Bearer is a newest SAST solution to scan source code and also detects sensitive data types and data exfiltration risks. It has both Free (open-source) and Enterprise plans.

Bearer SAST tool

Supported Languages: JavaScript/TypeScript (GA), Ruby (GA), Java (Beta), PHP (Beta), Go (Beta), Python (Alpha)

License: Free (Open-Source) and Enterprise

Official Website:

It is a free (open-source) static security scanner for Python applications.

Bandit Python Security Scanner

Supported Languages: Python

License: Free (Open-Source)

Official Website:

It is a free (open-source) vulnerability scanner for Ruby on Rails applications.

Brakeman Vulnerability Scanner for Ruby on Rails

Supported Languages: Ruby on Rails

License: Free (Open-Source)

Official Website:

Enterprise-level static code scanner supports all popular languages and is nominated as “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022.

Checkmarx Dashboard

Supported Languages: JavaScript, Apex, Java, PHP, Python, Swift, Scala, Perl, Grovy, Ruby, C#, .NET, C++, Oracle PL/SQL, VB.NET, Android, Apple, ASP.NET, HTML 5, Windows Mobile, Go


License: Commercial

Official Website:

An enterprise-level application security testing suite contains a source code scanner for 11 languages and is nominated as “Visionaries” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022.

Contrast Scan Result

Supported Languages: 

Java, JavaScript, .NET, .NET Core, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Golang, Scala, PHP, Kotlin


License: Commercial (with Free Community Edition)

Official Website:

It’s the SAST part of Synopsys application security suite.

Coverity Scan Result

Supported Languages: Apex, C/C++,  C#, CUDA, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Objective-C, Go, JSP, Ruby, Swift, Fortran, Scala, VB.NET, iOS, Android, TypeScript, Kotlin


License: Commercial

Official Website:

An enterprise-level static scanner supports 20 languages and is nominated as “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022.

Fortify static code analyzer

Supported Languages: .NET, .NET Framework, .NET Core, ABAP/BSP, ActionScript, Apex, C#, C/C++, Classic ASP (with VBScript), COBOL, ColdFusion, Go, HTML, Java (including Android), JavaScript, JSON, JSP, Kotlin, MXML (Flex), Objective-C/C++, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, Ruby, Scala, Swift, T-SQL, TypeScript, VBScript, Visual Basic (VB.NET), Visual Basic, XML, YAML


License: Commercial 

Official Website:

An enterprise-level application security tool suite that contains a static scanner supports 34 languages and gets nominated as “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022.

HCL AppScan CodeSweep

Supported Languages: ABAP, Android, Angular, AngularJS, APEX, ASP Classic
Java™ and Java™ web content, .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET), C/C++, COBOL, ColdFusion, Dart, Go, Groovy, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C/Objective-C++, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, ReactJS, ReactNative, RPG, Ruby, Scala, Swift, TSQL, TypeScript, Visual Basic, Vue.js, Xamarin


License: Commercial, AppScan CodeSweep (Free)

Official Website:

A practical and efficient static code scanner for 28 programming languages.

Kiuwan Code Security

Supported Languages: ABAP, ActionScript, ASP.NET, C, COBOL, C++, C#, Go, HTML, Informix, Java, JavaScript /TypeScript, JCL, JSP, Kotlin, Natural, Objective C, OracleForms, PHP, PL-SQL, PowerScript, Python, RPG4, Scala, Swift, Transact-SQL, VisualBasic 6, VB.NET


License: Commercial

Official Website:

An advanced source code security testing tool for C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin applications.

Klocwork Dashboard

Supported Languages: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Kotlin

License: Commercial (with Free Trial)

Official Website:

An automated code review solution for Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, C and C++. 

Github acquired the and now it is branded under Github Code Scanning and be a part of CodeQL. Scan Result

Supported Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, Go, C and C++

License: Commercial (Free for open source projects)

Official Website:

A lightweight static code scanner for Node.js

Reshift Security Scan Result

Supported Languages: Node.js

License: Commercial (Free for a single user)

Official Website:

A fast open-source code vulnerability scanner for 11 language support and now it has also capabilities to detect secrets and dependencies (SCA).

Semgrep Scan Result

Supported Languages: C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, JSON, JSX, Python, Ruby, Scala, TSX, TypeScript

License: Commercial (with Free Community Edition)

Official Website:

An enterprise-level DevSecOps solution that contains a static code scanner for 11 languages and is nominated as “Challengers” in Magic Quadrant 2022.

Snyk Scan Results

Supported Languages: JavaScript, Java (Gradle, Maven), .NET, Python, Golang, Swift, Objective-C (CocoaPods), Scala, Ruby, PHP, and Bazel

License: Commercial (with Free Limited Test edition)

Official Website:

A very popular static code scanner for 29 languages.

Sonarqube Scan Result

Supported Languages: Java (including Android), C#, C, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, Swift, COBOL, Apex, PHP, Kotlin, Ruby, Scala, HTML, CSS, ABAP, Flex, Objective-C, PL/I, PL/SQL, RPG, T-SQL, VB.NET, VB6, and XML


License: Commercial (with Free Community edition)

Official Website:

It is an enterprise-level SAST tool that will provide automated feedback to your developers in the IDE and CI/CD pipeline. It is nominated as “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2022.

Veracode SAST Scan Results

Supported Languages: Java, .NET and .NET Core, C#.NET and VB.NET, C and C++, TypeScript and JavaScript,  Node.js, React, Ember.js, and AngularJS, Swift and Objective-C applications, Kotlin, COBOL, Visual Basic 6, and RPG.


License: Commercial 

Official Website:

Anything I Missed?

So these are my favourite SAST tools, and now I’d like to hear from you:

Is there any other SAST tool that you love… but didn’t see in this article?

Or maybe you have a question. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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