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Semgrep is a fast, open-source, static analysis tool for modern languages. 

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Semgrep Scan Overview

What is Semgrep?

A fast, open-source, static analysis tool for finding bugs and enforcing code standards at the editor, commit, and CI time. Its rules look like the code you already write; no abstract syntax trees or regex wrestling. Supports 17+ languages.


Semgrep allows us to define custom rules for identifying vulnerabilities, thus helping us run a contextual scan on our code. Additionally, Semgrep offers a public registry of such custom rules that can be used.

Semgrep is extremely fast and is the most suitable to be introduced in a DevOps pipeline. It spools a well-formatted and stable JSON output.

It is extremely lightweight and has an easy to install binary. Can also be run using Docker. Most importantly, Semgrep supports Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, C and JSON syntaxes!

Semgrep Scan Result

How to install Semgrep?

For macOS:

					brew install semgrep

For Ubuntu, Windows through Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Linux, macOS:

					python3 -m pip install semgrep

To try Semgrep without installation run through Docker:

					docker run --rm -v "${PWD}:/src" returntocorp/semgrep semgrep --config=auto

How is Semgrep pricing work?

Semgrep is an open-source SAST tool and there is a free community edition.

Also, there is a Team edition and It is $40/month per developer on top of the everything community edition, It has a lot of integration and automation features.

Lastly, there is an Enterprise edition which comes with full support. You will have access to a customer success manager and there will be support for custom language/feature requests.

Semgrep pricing

Finally, Semgrep is not only a SAST tool anymore but rather a comprehensive scan engine. It can detect misconfiguration in docker files or your config files.

An article for scanning docker files with Semgrep

Please share your experiences with Semgrep.

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