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ShiftLeft CORE helps companies release secure code at scale. CORE combines next-generation SAST, secrets detection, Intelligent SCA, and developer education in one easy-to-use SaaS platform.

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Shiftleft CORE Dashboard

What is Shiftleft CORE?

ShiftLeft CORE uses graph analysis to reveal the risk profile of a software build within minutes of a pull request.


A single scan combines static analysis (SAST), secrets detection, and software composition analysis (SCA). Graph analysis inherently generates accurate results without the need for machine learning models to filter false positives. CI/CD integration and build rules allow teams to control and automate the amount of risk allowed in their codebase.


ShiftLeft CORE allows engineering teams to focus on fixing vulnerabilities, not just finding them. With scan times in minutes, CORE makes it convenient to integrate security tests in DevOps workflows.


Teams building modern applications can insert CORE into their AWS CodeBuild workflows to automate analysis at build time. CORE reveals vulnerabilities in open source and custom code with a rich context for developers. Engineers will see the full path of each vulnerability, along with contextual education, while the affected code is still fresh in their minds.

Shiftleft CORE Scan Result

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