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Synopsys has acquired Tinfoil Security in 2020 and expand DAST capabilities with it.

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Using the same techniques as malicious hackers, Synopsys Web Scanner systematically tests all the access points of your web applications through a headless browser to intercept and analyze JavaScript and AJAX requests, even as newly created forms are populated.

It checks for the OWASP Top 10 web application security risks as well as other known security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, providing step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate any detected issues.

Synopsys Web Scanner is constantly being updated, so you can rest assured that you are protected against the latest threats. We regularly incorporate new tests, and Synopsys Web Scanner consistently scores higher than any other scanner on open source benchmarks.

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Tinfoil Web Scanner

The Tinfoil Web Scanner checks for over 70 classifications of vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10. The Tinfoil Web Scanner analyzes all facets of your site, logging into any website, including SAML/SSO-authenticated sites.

Tinfoil’s patent-pending Login Recorder (available as a Google Chrome extension) allows you to teach the

Tinfoil Web Scanner how to authenticate into your site by recording your unique login sequence.

The solution makes it trivial to replay attacks by providing single-click replays for the precise request that exploited the vulnerability, and single-click rescans to verify a fix. And it provides how-to-fix instructions, complete with code snippets tailored to the language you wrote your application in.

We regularly incorporate new tests and consistently score higher than any other scanner on open-source benchmarks.

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Synopsys Web Scanner
Synopsys Web Scanner


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